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Harlow Homefinder
Harlow Homefinder

Welcome to Harlow Homefinder

As of the 4 June 2020, the Council will commence advertising homes for bidding, however the number of homes available will be limited each week.

Allocations and lettings of homes continue to be prioritised for homeless households and those in housing need.

We will start to introduce allocations on a phased basis and we are updating our processes following the latest government guidance. A backlog of empty council properties are being addressed by HTS who have restarted works within these properties following new guidelines. Homes will be ready to be re-let when it is safe to do so. We know some applicants may be anxious at this time about moving and we don’t want to put added pressure if they are not ready or able to do so.

The Civic Centre is closed to the public until further notice. This means you will not be able to come in, however, you will still be able to contact us by phone on 01279 446655 and access services and information online

Telephone Bids

Please note that you are no longer able to place bids on properties via the telephone.

If you require further assistance please call Contact Harlow on 01279 446655

You could be eligible for help if you need to move closer to your place of work within Harlow. Please contact us on 01279446655 for further information.

Harlow Homefinder

Harlow Homefinder is the lettings scheme for council and housing association homes in Harlow, giving you more choice about where you want to live.

You can use Harlow Homefinder if you are an existing tenant seeking a transfer or a homeseeker applying for the first time. The scheme covers all the available council and housing association homes, including sheltered housing.

You need to log in with your Harlow Homefinder number before you can see the property adverts and place your bids.

The Housing Allocations Scheme document is available here Housing Allocations Scheme (Allocations Policy)...

Harlow Council
Civic Centre,
The Water Gardens,
Essex. CM20 1WG
Tel: 01279 446655

The Bidding Cycle

The weekly cycle starts 9.30am every Thursday and bidding closes in the early hours every Tuesday morning. (Bidding closes at 1.00 am every Tuesday)

As long as you have registered with Harlow Homefinder and have an active application you will have three bids to use every week between Thursday morning and the following Monday night / Tuesday morning.

If you require any help with the system or the bidding process, please ask a member of the Contact Harlow team at Harlow's Civic Centre or telephone 01279 446655.

Supported Housing

Supported Housing is available as self contained (sheltered) accommodation for older people who want to live independently whilst having the added security of knowing that assistance is available 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. Supported Housing Schemes have pull cords in every room of the property and a smoke detector installed which are all linked to the alarm system. In addition, body worn pendants can be provided to tenants who are unable to reach their pull cords or have been assessed as needing one as part of their support plan.

For details of how you can apply and of the schemes available please follow this link Supported Housing...

Should you require assistance to apply please contact an Advisor at Contact Harlow.

Shortlisting Verification

It is important that you are able to provide information to the Housing Options & Advice team should you be shortlisted for a possible offer of accommodation from the Housing Needs Register.

You will only have 24 Hours (excluding weekends & bank holidays) to provide the requested documents or you may be bypassed for an offer.

Please follow this link that will give you guidance on what information you may be asked to provide: Harlow Housing Allocation - shortlisting verification process...

Data Sharing and the Prevention and Detection of Fraud

Harlow Council is required by law to protect the public funds it administers. It may share information provided to it with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds, in order to prevent and detect fraud. The Audit Commission appoints the auditor to audit the accounts of this authority. It is also responsible for carrying out data matching exercises. For more information please follow this link Data matching and data sharing...

Did you know that even if you place a bid for accommodation your bid may not be accepted? The reasons are below:

  • You have not supplied the information requested to support your application. i.e. identification, proof of address, immigration status etc
  • Where there is evidence of false information being provided.
Are you are an existing or former Council or Housing Association Tenant? The Council will not accept a bid for accommodation in the following circumstances:
  • Where a debt is owed as a former or current tenant in the social housing sector.
  • If your home is not considered to be in a satisfactory condition by the Landlord. (These standards will be detailed in your signed tenancy agreement)
  • There is an outstanding tenancy issue.
The Council reserves the right to withdraw any offer of accommodation where there is just cause.

If you think you may not be able to bid because these exclusions apply to you and you would like further detailed information, please telephone Contact Harlow on 01279 446655 or attend the Civic Centre, The Water Gardens, Harlow Essex, CM20 1WG where a Customer Service Advisor will be happy to assist.


Major changes to the way Council Housing is allocated

Harlow’s social housing shortage, together with changes in Government legislation, have led Harlow Council to review the way in which it decides who can join its Housing Register and how Council housing is allocated.

Following public consultation, Harlow Council has changed its Housing Register to a Housing Needs Register. This is because Council housing will be allocated based on need rather than the length of time applicants have been waiting.

The new Housing Needs Register also uses new conditions to determine who can qualify to join the Register. Greater priority for housing is given
to people with a connection to Harlow.

A copy of the Housing Allocations leaflet can be downloaded at Harlow Housing Allocation...

Changes of Circumstance

You will need to keep the Housing Options and Advice Team informed of any changes to your application. You can do this by downloading a Change of Circumstances form at the following link Change of Circumstances Form... or by phoning Contact Harlow on 01279 446655.

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The bidding cycle for issue 623 will close at 1am on Tuesday 8 December 2020